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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Mundane Side of Writing

For all the delights of playing goddess in my universe and the ever-strengthening lure of opening the file called UnholyAlliance.doc, I set this afternoon aside for other task pertinent to the writing life.

Caught up with email correspondence - a mess-up with a publicity flier for my regional writers group required me to retrieve my old Sent mail file from a CD to find out what exactly I had specified for my Breath and Bone blurb. And then I had to process several responses to a survey of former Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Writers of the Year. I volunteered for a task force to review and improve the process and the experience (I was the honoree in 2006), and I'm summarizing the data for the committee. I updated the web site with info about the blog. Read a couple of friends' entries in the Amazon Breakthrough novel contest and wrote a review for one. Read and critiqued the opening pages of a story from a student I'm mentoring. I spent some time looking at blogger functionality - the tech tips about displaying only the first paragraph or so and using a "Read More" button to expand it. Put it in the template, and took it out again. [Looks as if the "Read More" button will be there, even if there isn't any continuation. Not nice. Need more time to pursue alternatives.]

The biggest task of the afternoon [pursued while watching the NFL championship games - two pretty interesting games despite the lack of Denver Bronco involvement] was to work on the postcard design for the Lighthouse Books. I am about six months behind in printing postcards or bookmarks for the series. I should have sent out bunches to bookstores and handed them out at the fall conventions. But I was traveling and distracted and writing this book proposal and then it was Christmas...well, you know how it goes. When I choose tasks to squeeze into a busy time, I choose my favorite tasks and not the ones I struggle with.

I don't mind doing all these things, but I'd really rather write the story. Though I can't write while watching football.


karen wester newton said...

Carol-- Busy, busy, busy! Don't forget the hotel rooms for Worldcon open up today! Charlie and I aren't definite, but we made reservations so we don't get stuck if we decide to come.

carolwriter said...

I just reserved!

Anna said...

Learning from my mistake with the WFC hotel selling out so quickly last year, I also made my reservation today! Not that I expect all of the WorldCon hotels to sell out so quickly, but when you want the closest one, it's good to get that taken care of ASAP :)

Can't wait for August now!