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Friday, January 30, 2009

Genres and Sub-genres

For you aspiring writers: Here is an interesting post from agent Lucienne Diver about fantasy/sf and romance subgenres.

And, it's good info. Not just because she lists me alongside George RR Martin.


Kathy Amen said...

Wow! George RR Martin! That's elevated company, but you deserve it!

Di Francis said...

And here I thought that GRRM was in rarified company.

carolwriter said...

And I should have said "with Di Francis, too!

Anonymous said...

Tying in the previous discussion, we know that cover art is used not only as a lure but as a sub-genre guide post as well. A reader wandering the mystery section sees a blood-spotted teacup on one cover and a chalk outline reflecting from a moonlit street on another, and knows immediately which way to turn. Likewise, someone browsing covers in the fantasy section knows "chick in leather with skyscraper background" is completely different from "chick in leather wielding sword and riding a horse," even if both books are titled Riven Blood.

Also, kudos on being put up on the Epic Master pedestal!