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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Upcoming events

I am emerging from deadline pressure cooker to remind all Colorado folks that the last stop on my Colorado Soul Mirror launch is coming up.

Saturday, Feb 12th, 2pm
Barnes and Noble
2999 Pearl Street
[Chocolate will be served!]

Then I go into writers' conference mode with

Fri-Sat March 11-12
Northern Colorado Writers Conference
Fort Collins Hilton
Fort Collins
[I'll be doing a workshop on Voice and one on Character Development.]

Later in the spring, I'll return to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, consistently one of the best conferences around. More about that later.

And over Memorial Day weekend, I'll be Writer Guest of Honor at MisCon in Missoula Montana - check it out if you're in the territory!


Alexis S. said...

Aww, wish I lived near enough to come. ;__; Hope to see you out in California someday, Carol! I finished the Rai-Kirah series two weeks ago and still can't shake Those Two Lovable Idiots (j/k! Who would want to leave behind such memorable friends?). But the pain of separation now... ugh... How does one recover from Rai-Kirah Series Withdrawal? That beautiful and somehow melancholic, "untouchable/unreachable"-feeling last image of our noble Aleksander riding through his desert kingdom is making me feel so forlorn for some reason... =__=

Unknown said...

I very much enjoyed your reading today and getting a chance to visit with you again. Given how well you bring your worlds to life, I'm not surprised by all the research you put into such things as the exhibition. I pity poor Portier for having to set up such a thing while solving a mystery!

Every time I read one of your books, I learn something new. When I read Transformation, I couldn't believe how well you brought Seyonne and Aleksander to life. When I read the D'Arnath series, I was stunned by your settings. With Spirit Lens, I'm taking great pleasure in the conflicts you've set up between Dante, Portier and Ilario, and taking note of the way that you express how your characters are feeling.