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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dante lives!

Roc bought the proposal I submitted through my agent after Thanksgiving! It's a new three-book series about a couple of characters who have been hanging around in my head since my very first writing days (yes, one of them is named Dante) and a couple of newer characters who have joined them along the way. Here is the short blurb:

A beleaguered king hires a trio of unlikely confidential agents - a foppish nobleman, a disillusioned student of magic, and a brooding practitioner of the dark arts – to investigate murder and hauntings in a world where natural science has supplanted failing magic.

Current Mood: (in the totally bloggish tradition)
Excitement...and pleasure that my publisher wants to re-up me at a time when traditional fantasy is not the hot ticket in town...and immediate panic mode, because all I have written is some notes about "magic in Sabria" and a totally wrong few pages of a first chapter that I wrote just to get the feel of a couple of characters.
Due date: Feb 15, 2009. I'd best get cracking!


Etoiline said...

Good luck, Carol. Nice to see you in the blogosphere!

The new series sounds exciting! I always look forward to your books. It will be fun to follow this one from start to finish.

Enjoy the blogging...and I'm sure there are a bunch of us who can help you out ;)


Anonymous said...

It might be just me, but I highly prefer blogs to yahoo! lists... Congrats! Long live the Brooding Necromancer :)


PS. Necromancy would echo exceedingly well in Ceasaria, I fancy.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol! I finished B&B on Monday, but I'm not reading any of the WOTS posts about it yet because I have yet to put down my own thoughts, which I need to do because I did end up getting it on my reading list for school.

At any rate, Dante & Co. sound intriguing as ever, and I'll definitely follow along to see how they come along.

Welcome to the blogosphere. :) Feel free to come visit me over at www.betsywhitt.com any time you'd like.

Anonymous said...

I like your new home, Carol; I've added you to my Google reader :)

This is definitely more elegant than Yahoo... although the mailing list is probably still good for some things, like discussions that include spoilers!


carolwriter said...

Ooh - Caesarea - I MUST get the amphitheater ruins into this story. It may not be until book 3, where we'll go southeast past the mountains, but you'll see it.

carolwriter said...

Yes, the WarriorofTwoSouls Forum is still the place for extended discussions, especially those with spoilers.

Nice to hear familiar "voices" popping up here.


Gary Piserchio said...

Hi Carol. Congrats on the new blog. I've added news of your new series and of the blog to sf-colorado. Is it spring yet? Brrr.

carolwriter said...

Welcome, Gary. Nice to hear that sf-colorado lives.

All signs of spring here in the northern parts of the state are frozen stiff today. Brrr, indeed. I think we made it up to 10F. A nice day to have no day job requiring commuting. (Yeah, I know we're wimps compared to Montana, Di.)