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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Redux

A reminder to friends in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont - this is primary day. Wish I could vote in your primaries! I still am bummed that I unthinkingly booked travel on the day of the Colorado caucuses and so missed out on one of the most exciting days ever in this state's politics - turnouts more than ten times any previous year. Today I find myself checking cnn and msnbc.com periodically, as if I might somehow plumb the feelings of the Democratic electorate, though I know it will be hours before the polls close anywhere. I have strong feelings about this outcome--as much so as any election I've seen so far. Fingers crossed.

I am on the fence about spilling my preferences. I'm just another voter with a blog, and I don't really want to get into any long political discussion. This blog is truly about a writer's travail in giving birth to a new work. But if you're interested and don't mind politics and writers getting all mixed up, you can...

I liked and respected most of the Democrats who ran this year. I could support (almost) any one of them and would like to see their talents used in service to this country, either continuing in the jobs they hold or in a new administration. I could vote for either of the remaining two - they are both intelligent and mean well - and I even like a lot about John McCain, though I cannot support someone who wants to continue this war (yes, winding it down and cleaning it up are tough matters), institutionalize the Bush tax policies, or pack the Supreme Court with more people who will chip away at hard-won civil liberties. But as a writer who believes that eloquence and vision matter, I think this country needs vision and inspiration and leadership more than we need politicians. We need to retrieve our national soul and seek new answers to the world's most difficult problems, and I don't think Mrs. Clinton is the one to do that. I wish her a long, illustrious career in the Senate. I hope to be voting for Obama in November.


Zeus' Bolt/Odin's Patch said...

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with you completely. In July I'll turn 18, so, yeah, I'll be voting my first time this time 'round, and I'm afraid Obama is my clear choice. Should Clinton get in... I'm only not abstaining from voting in hopes that Clinton can rise to the occasion and keep her promises.

Anonymous said...

Apologies, the above was myself. I honestly didn't mean to submit it that early either XD. To be truthful, it makes me nervous, I think both of the main Democrats will have a rought ime in office, in fact, I'm scared that their differences (not being white, or not being male) will attract the attention of glory seeking wouldbe assassins.

Ah well. I wish them luck, and as for luck, good luck with the continuance of your current work!

Anna said...

I do really love that Early Voting thing they do here in Texas. My vote was cast for Obama about a week and a half ago :)

Like you, I'm hoping that he *can* bring about some manner of real change in Washington, even if it's not the sweeping changes he speaks so eloquently about. I applaud him for getting folks *excited* about this year's race. In 2004 I voted for Kerry unenthusiastically, simply as a better option than four more years of Bush.

That said, I would still feel better about voting for Clinton than I did for Kerry (if she happens to win the nomination). I think she'd make a good president, but I'd definitely prefer the candidate who inspires.

Padlocke, I've heard other people make the comment about assassination, but I don't know that I agree. After all, look at Bush's approval rating, and nothing's happened there....

I also think the Secret Service are better at doing what they do (no doubt thanks in part to technology) than they were 45 years ago when Kennedy was visiting Dallas.

Valtinen said...

I stay out of politics. I am more Libertarian than anything, and have long resigned myself to the fact that no one agrees with me -- sometimes not even myself.
I have one wish: that whoever takes over, let it be for the highest good.