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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Before I left Colorado, I mailed in my 2008 ballot. I didn't want some Canadian snowstorm to delay me getting home in time to vote. What an honor and a privilege.

Please make sure you vote. This is not an election to sit out. Lots of states have early or mail-in voting. Take advantage if you can because lines are going to be long on Nov 4. Don't let anyone take this privilege away from you.

If anyone out there doubts that this is a critical election, please read beyond a few of the headlines of the past couple of months. I’ve been through a number of elections, and never have I had one that has literally kept me awake in the night. Between our crashing economy, our two wars, upheavals in eastern Europe, genocide in Africa, our melting polar caps, we have got to turn a corner in this country, and it is going to take all of us, doing our best to change our habits and get beyond the politics of division.

After a particular obnoxious news segment the other night, I sat up and wrote a long rant about this election, about some of our society's bad habits (including my own) and about the candidates. I've actually let this post sit for a couple of days as I cooled off - though I really haven't changed my opinion at all.

But as I avidly browsed the web for election news from up here where the Canadians are exhausted by their own recently concluded (and divisive) election, I came upon a piece that expressed, in intelligent, reasoned terms, my own beliefs and feelings about this race. Some people might bristle at the source, but if you are interested enough to go behind the "more" button, maybe you might want to read the editorial. If you'd rather not mix up fantasy authors and politics, that's ok. I ust couldn't let the time go by.

Whichever you choose, please
Listen! Read! Think! Vote.

NY Times editorial


Anonymous said...

We missed you at MileHiCon!!

carolwriter said...

I missed being there, but I had a great weekend at the Surrey Writers Conference. I'll post about it when I have a minute. I'm still in Canada right now.

thecanadaproject said...

And again, thank you. Just posted on your blog re the "here to there" workshop at SIWC (Surrey)...and i was intrigued by the "read vote" comment on your blog so clicked through to your words and then to the NY Editorial.

Okay. Now i MUST get your books.

I'm the spouse of a politician and new to novel writing.


carolwriter said...

Thanks, Russian Queen (won't reveal email name here :-) Glad you enjoyed the workshop.

And yes, certainly you must get my books...