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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Demons and Shapeshifters

I am a guest blogger today on Authorial, agently, and personal ramblings, which is my agent, Lucienne Diver's blog. The topic? Gargoyles, and Demons, and Shifters, Oh My!

In my offering, I list my four rules for story development, especially when incorporating some fantasy trope like shapeshifting or the fae or demons. And these four are...

  1. Make things really bad for heroes (could you have guessed this?)
  2. Make things different than in other stories
  3. No black and white
  4. Reverse it all
I illustrate these points with the rai-kirah books.

Over the past week, Lucienne has hosted guest blogs from a number of her writers who do shapeshifters and demons and other beasties - including Lynn Flewelling, Faith Hunter, and Susan Krinard.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. Carol... that French version... to-die-for cover. :) Is that the one that's just coming out? (Yeah, I'm currently staring at the French Amazon, though they don't show the cover...)

Shall I order? Yeah. I muddled through the German Amazon to order the equally to-die-for German version of Rothfuss' Name of the Wind... I can do this! (No, I don't speak or read French... why do you ask?) ;)


Anna said...

You know, Amazon makes it much too easy. Not even necessary to speak French! It did take a bit of a search (finally with the ISBN) to find other websites where they posted what *size* paperback. It is indeed a trade paperback (15 x 24 cm). And it should be here in about 2 weeks :)


carolwriter said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I am so THERE.


Gabby-Lily Raines said...

The cover is very yummy indeed.

I've done this a time or forty myself, usually going on the theory of "why should anything involving any of the characters be easy/black-white/straightforward?"

Never mind that any outward "stress" is a great motivator towards having said characters be put through the proverbial (and sometimes literal) wringer.