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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Truth About Writing Your Passion

Michelle Sagara West, FWE (fantasy writer extraordinaire), has written a wonderful and enlightening post about learning some hard truths re. writing what you love. She talks about why some of us do what we do despite greener (ie. more lucrative) pastures elsewhere.

Di Francis, another FWE, posts the grim reality of the present bookselling market.

The link to Michelle's post is, as they say, on another blog network. You'll need a (free) login to add comments, but not to read it or comment anonymously. [Thanks for clarification, Alyssa.]

Ditto for Di's post.


ssas said...

I get the write what you love bit. I think we have to have that love to drive us to finish and to make it the best it can be. That's why some books fall flat--it's almost as if they needed that grooming that only comes from an obsessive author.

4 weeks, eh? I've been ordering so much stuff online lately that I barely step in the bookstore anymore. She did have good recommendations. I need to pick up Ann Aguire's latest. (We just interviewed her for Espec--nice lady.)

carolwriter said...

Yes, very true. So many people stop short. Yet to me, he head-pounding part of Michelle's reflection is that you can do that - pouring in every bit of passion, skill, experience, learning, and talent you have - knowing that "this work" is better than anything you've done - and it still might not be enough to connect.

Yep, 4 weeks, hardly time to get a buzz up. Terrifying. I, too, have been tending to online buying. I haven't had time to book SHOP, which I can only do in brick and mortar. And brick and mortar are hurting (which has induced this awful schedule.)

Unknown said...

Technically, you don't need a login to read either of those. You only need one to make an attributed comment on them. ;) They're both public posts, plus you can comment anon if you really, really don't want a login.

carolwriter said...

Oh, thanks, Alyssa! I have a login and wasn't sure. I'll edit the post to clarify. Hooray for Revision.

Sarah said...

Oh, I wouldn't be able not to go to the book shop. Actually, I'd be better off buying online, because I live in Italy and I nearly only buy fantasy book in English, but that just doesn't appeal to me.

Normally, at least once a year, I get the chance to visit friends in Great Britain and Ireland, and I just bury myself in every single bookstore I find, for hours. I can't help it, it's the sensation to hold the book in your hands, turn the pages, look and feel the covers... I don't know...

Then again, I am a bookseller myself (university books), so... must be a illness I caught at work ;-)

carolwriter said...

Yes, paper and ink is the magic.

Lace and Books said...

I frequent bookshops like people frequent flee markets - go often, go early (though there are better bargains later in the day).

I nearly always buy local. Keeps people in a job. I do however have wish lists on various book sites with release dates and comments. When I do buy online it's usually strange books (like the one I just got on hand bookbinding) or rare books *hugs 100 year old storybook she's wanted for a long time*.

I have a hard time waiting for a book to come in the mail. It's like a blind date. I hate blind dates. I prefer holding a tangible, reading the summery, taking in the cover and wandering about the store with it whilst I decide if It's going home with me. It's like forming a lasting friendship.

Kas said...

The four week schedule is terrible. It's true for retailers across the board and not just booksellers. It's hurting tech companies, publishers, small natural cosmetics companies and other industries I can't name at the moment. I hope things pick up again for all involved.