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Friday, September 11, 2009

So Right!

My friend Kathy pointed me to this blog post.


Yes, yes, writing is really hard. I had no idea, but then I never really wanted to do it either.

Though I loved to read, it had never been a dream of mine to write books. It seemed like it would be too hard. So it always surprises me how, upon hearing that I am a writer, so many people say, "You know, I've been working on this novel..." or "I'm going to do that when I retire." As in I'm working now, but when I don't have to work, I'll write.

Before I took up writing I worked full time, paid attention to my family, gardened, wrote letters, exercised, cooked, did needlepoint, volunteered, read multiple books a week, canned peaches and tomatoes, made jam, and numerous other things. And my house was always clean. Let's see, I try to spend some time with ES (Exceptional Spouse) and the kids when I can and they're around. I am dreadfully behind on my reading. I volunteer for one program a year. I still cook, more this summer with all the fresh veggies coming in (that was one of the objectives), but with far less variety (another objective.) And I obsess about my books (as anyone who reads this blog will know).

Watch out for what you're getting into, folks. It eats you alive!


Kathy Amen said...

I'll bet Stephen Fry would love your books! 8-)

--Deb said...

Perhaps that's one of the advantages of being forced to keep a full-time job while also trying to be a writer ... you have no choice but to do other things with your time than write.

Although, the flip side is that you then HAVE to do other things than write!

Di Francis said...

Oh my goodness. Yes. Exactly. I am so terribly behind, my house is such a dusty clutter place. I have no hopes of every getting it clean. Sigh. So nice to know Im' not the only one.

Sarah said...

Di Francis: indeed!!!! :-)