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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ARC Giveaway

My publisher is giving away ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of eight forthcoming Ace/Roc novels at the Dear Author blog today. Hie thee over there and you could win one of eight different new releases, including, as it happens, The Spirit Lens.

All you have to do is comment on the post, telling which are your first two choices and who among all Ace/Roc authors you recommend.


Deb S said...

Ooo, shiny prizes.

I need a book I can sink my teeth and heart into. There doesn't seem to be much character-driven epic fantasy around these days, so winning THE SPIRIT LENS arc would make my day. *crosses fingers*

Tami said...

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

Which of your books would you rec to a book club full of people that have never read fantasy/sci fi and foolishly told me I can make them read whatever book I want?

carolwriter said...

Tami, that's tough. It sort of depends on the group. If they are more into fast reads and popular mainstream fiction, Song of the Beast is a good one. It's the shortest and least "magicky."

Transformation can work even better if a little on-screen violence doesn't bother. A lot of people who don't usually read fantasy have been converted by it, I think because the magic is introduced slowly.

If they are used to reading more "literary" or longer fiction like historical fiction, then Flesh and Spirit can work - it's probably better written than the other two overall, but it really is both of the books, of course. Thanks for considering my books!

Lace and Books said...

Well I missed the freebies, BUT I just pre-ordered 'Spirit Lends' on Amazon...Yes, I know it's not a local shop, but I don't have any local places other than a B&N with horrible staff and a bad selection or a Borders that's very hard to get to. You'd think with two universities there would be something Independent, but nope.

Happy Holidays!

carolwriter said...

Thanks for the support, Fabulist! Yeah, it's terrible when price wars drive the friendly bookshops away and leave you with stinkers, and drive neighborhood bookshops away and leave you with a drive.

Lace and Books said...

"LENS" not lends! *shakes head* One should never post while ill.