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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have been terribly laggard with this blog of late. Apologies to all. The holidays and family gatherings have occupied lots of time, along with preparing for the launch of The Spirit Lens on January 5th. Preparations included:

  • setting up events (see the schedule on my website)

  • writing a piece for the Roc newsletter about the novels of the Collegia Magica and how The Spirit Lens took shape

  • writing a piece for the Knight Agency holiday blog

  • sending out postcards to bookstores

  • etc. etc.

Should likely have done more, but I've hardly had time to write as it is! When a bit of minor surgery clogged up the works, my kind editor gave me an extension on The Soul Mirror, which is an incredible relief. I hope to get back to serious work on the book in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, in the hullabaloo surrounding the release of The Spirit Lens, I don't want to forget the Lace and Blade 3 anthology that should be hitting the shelves in mid-February with my Song of the Beast follow-on story called, "The Heart's Coda." Here is the lineup for the anthology:

LACE AND BLADE 3 Table of Contents

Kari Sperring, "Featherweight"
Sean McMullen, "Culverelle"
Sheila Finch, "Fortune's Stepchild"
Judith Tarr, "The Horned King"
Jay Lake & Shannon Page, "Embers"
Tanith Lee, "Question a Stone"
Dave Smeds, "A Swain of Kneaded Moonlight"
Rosemary Hawley Jarman, "Fire and Frost and Burning Rose"
K. D. Wentworth, "The Garden of Swords"
Diana L. Paxson, "Blue Velvet"
Samantha Henderson, "Outlander"
Carol Berg, "The Heart's Coda"

Whew! Is that a lineup or what? I am so pleased to be a part of this project. Should be seeing cover art soon!

I'll keep you posted, and get back to regular blogging as I get into the last third of The Soul Mirror development. You can catch more regular, brief updates on Facebook. I'm "Carol Berg, Northern Colorado."


Carol Berg said...

Hi Carol Berg,
Just saw that you wrote a note on Jm McDermott's blog about the mix up of which Carol Berg is which. I have to say I think that's awesome.
Just wanted to say "hi" to the other Carol Berg and my husband and I (huge fantasy and sci fi groupies) are reading your books for our 2010 books to read.
Have a happy new year!
The Carol Berg who tries to write Poetry!

carolwriter said...

Whoa...this is most cool. Poetry is so HARD. I am in awe of anyone who can attempt it. Thanks for looking me up.