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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Consumed by the Soul Mirror

Here is a new interview with a freshly scrubbed book review site Speculative Book Reviews.

If you are wondering where I've been, I am in Deadline Hell. I got an extension on the Soul Mirror deadline to April 30 - thank you, dead editor. So I am determined to make it. The Soul Mirror is complicated...surprise!!...and unfolding at a steady, but stately pace. That is, I am really poky.

I feel extremely guilty when taking time out to write a lovely, articulate blog post, while my heroine languishes in indecision or mortal peril. My outside writing activities have been pretty much limited to Spirit Lens appearances, readings, and Norwescon (a delightfully fun convention) and the occasional Facebook status update (join me there - Carol Berg, Northern Colorado). I promise to return here soon.


Kathy Amen said...

Very nice interview! It's really whetted my anticipation for Soul Mirror arrival. Good luck with the deadline!

Tameson said...

I have read several of your interviews, but probably not all of them. In any do you expand upon the magic vs science conflict in connection with your own background (software engineer and fantasy writer)? It seems like with the tech background, you have spent a lot of your life immersed in the science side, but as a fantasy writer, you would be immersed in the possibilities of magic (fictional but still).

I know Anne narrates, but no mention of Ilario. Will he grace us with an appearance (please, please, please)? I might have a little literary crush on him. :)

carolwriter said...

As per The Soul Mirror, yes, indeed, Ilario shows up from time to time. The first time in peach satin!

As for the fantasy vs software, I'm sure I've been asked about it. Maybe I'll post - after 4/30!