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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Breath and Bone

First things first. My new baby is launched. Breath and Bone, the second and final volume of The Lighthouse Duet is out there as of 1/2/2008. My tenth novel, and I still can't quite believe I fell into this weird profession. Lots of writers claim not to care about reviews, but I can't believe it. Bad ones sting, and good ones give me a boost. And they shouldn't. I write for the love of it. The idea of a enchantment-addicted fellow who just wanted to have a good time and a warm bed and a bowl of hot something in his stomach getting caught up in the end of the world and the fae-like guardians of the earth just wouldn't stop nagging at me. But I really want others to enjoy his adventure, too.

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... you'll see the end.


Anonymous said...

Oh, fun, I'm the first one to comment! See, it pays to get up early.
Anyone with intelligence, sense of taste, and/or understanding of what makes a good fantasy will enjoy Breath and Bone.
Enough said.

Unknown said...

I just finished Breath and Bone, after devouring it in just a couple days. All I can say is "Wow...".

Of course, in spite of all the answers to my burning questions you gave me, the ending of this book opened up so many more questions for me too. I want to know more! I'll try not to spoil anything here, but please, please tell me about the bargain made, tell me about how the Danea fared after the eye-opening events there at the end, just tell me more please!

Hopefully you can come back and revisit Navaronne after this next series. I'd love to know how things progress as a result of that days' events.

Thanks for the wonderful worlds you create and the hours of frustration, anger, pleasure and understanding you give us.

Jean said...

I really enjoyed Flesh and Spirit / Breath and Bone (and they helped me survive a bout of the flu). I don't review books on my blog, but I made an entry today about the structure of your duology. Then I came here to see if I was right in my guess about your knowing where your hero would end up, but I'm still not sure. Please feel free to correct me!

carolwriter said...

deb said:
lease, please tell me about the bargain made, tell me about how the Danea fared after the eye-opening events there at the end, just tell me more please!

Of all my worlds so far, this is the one I'm most likely to return to. So I say now. I'm going to wonder how that bargain works out, how the governance of Navronne works out, how Valen's new gig works out...but as I always say, there has to be a new story to expose these revelations. Someday...

carolwriter said...

Hi Jean,

You are a fine observer <-g->. Yes, I had an idea of where Valen would end up, though - avoiding spoilers - my original vision had him doing what his uncle did at the Canon. But I came to see that wouldn't work. Thi incremental steps were the important part. I had to fight my instincts to give him too much knowledge too soon. He always meant well, but I did want him to discover that he wanted what he had been given. Does that make sense?

Jean said...

It certainly does make sense. The ongoing discoveries, on several levels, make the Lighthouse duet interesting all the way. I like it when emotional/spiritual unfoldment is in step with external events.

(Very mundane PS: It would be helpful if Roc made it clear which was book one, which book two. The second had some info on the back cover, but the first didn't. If the bookstore hadn't had both in stock, I'm not sure how I would have known which was the first.)